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2013 summer with the colors light up yourself, do not fight tall actress get together to fight color, indeed in the summer with the colors really need to decorate themselves, yellow, orange, purple, white, green ...... Fan Bingbing, Sun Li, Angelbaby, michael kors purses outlet, white lily, mostly colored girl portrait appeared.

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Scallion-like green line in the hot summer, became the most perfect refreshing products, shades of green tones enveloped the stage of this solid, understandable tone already spread in the fashion circle, whether it is street shooting or show, many green fling a single product, a single product can try the green light up your fashion sense. Navy blue is a blue line, due to pure tones, with a pearl luster, are glamorous colors, navy blue this season overwhelming counter-attack fashion show floor, filled with many fans erotic sapphire blue tone, it is this fascinated by this point so many actresses, actress became the new darling ......Fan Bingbing attended the charity a pure yellow michael kors wallets outlet straight skirt, with elegant makeup and black hair, not only the spirit of full and radiant, elegant atmosphere full of solid modeling, with a Louis Vuitton Trolltech overall look is not letting your baby so monotonous.

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Angelbaby attended the event, a pure yellow Bra waist dress, small facial features exquisite decorative vivid, white Xiangjian filling, earrings, delicate necklaces, luxury watches, eye-catching mk outlet echoes sweet goddess hair, overall feeling is very perfect.Chia-Ling Chen attended the event is a pure yellow dress, lace hollow edge details make all day seem not so monotonous, more of a taste and feel of refined luxury necklace has increased the beauty of the details. Amanda Seyfried looks like a wizard-like orange dress, gas field full, black belt and black handbag and black high-heeled shoes fish head echoes more hair on one side of a gas field and charm. Their skin is white temporary light makeup completely reflects her advantage.

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Korean artists Zhaoyun Xi an orange A word group, simple, clean, pure, without a superfluous decoration and accessories, very neat.
Scallion-like green line in the hot summer, became the most perfect cool products, Michelle Chen attended the event was a green dress with a hint of refreshing taste, itself has a house men and women of God like her dress more fresh and clean and comfortable, with nude colored heels. Nina Dobrev green dress this body is perfect, perspective lace on the sleeves full sense of design, deep V shape and very sexy. With flowing hair and cool heels, completely spike everything.Purple color should be one of the most michael kors handbags outlet to control, and if you do not have enough courage best not to wear purple. White lily a purple skirt folds very cleverly piercing his own temperament, itself has a literary qualities of her small fresh red lips is enough wonderful purple dress up.

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Jessica Chastain such a big, red carpet at the Film Festival selection is really gorgeous purple dress skirt courage, but also wear clothing with a very natural feeling, luxurious decoration but also dazzling.White counterattack fashion circles, the host star of a single product, Zhen Goddess appeared Louis Vuitton event, dressed in a white mk purses outlet fresh colors bright spots, short hair, she was fractious tone just right, not too much though decorative accessories, but the whole body of the white tone but even more elegant.

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White tones and nude color perfect match, knee-length dress is not perfect leg line will always appear superior, Rainie clever use of nude color heels as with, so that is not a perfect leg line instantly become slim tall, so mix of brains, practical, very clever, the woman does not want more tall and charming. Always gives the michael kors bags outlet next door like pure Jiang Yan, CHLOE dressed bust on activities flounced dress, unique shoulder design, make women more fresh and elegant, gold-based single product to join the understatement of the white lines do not add up little "spice."

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