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По умолчанию Short Term Technical Analysis for Majors (13:00 GMT)


The near-term range ceiling at 1.3380 zone stays intact for now, as today’s renewed attempt higher, failed t break higher, stalling at 1.3380. Subsequent weakness brings last Friday’s low / trendline support at 1.3300 in focus. Break here would weaken the structure in favor of extension towards next array of supports at 1.3280/50 zone, with loss of the latter to signal near-term top and sideline bulls. Hourly and 4H studies are pointing lower and keep the downside vulnerable.

Res: 1.3330, 1.3375, 1.3384, 1.3400

Sup: 1.3300, 1.3290, 1.3280, 1.3250


Short-term bulls extended gains today and post fresh yearly high at 1.6061. Sharp reversal from here was triggered on overbought hourly studies and MACD bearish divergence, shown on 1 and4H charts. Break below initial support at 1.6036, previous high and attempt through 1.6000, would weaken the near-term structure in case 1.6000 support gives way for extension towards 1.5980/65, next support zone. Larger timeframe’s structure remains positive and only loss of 1.5920//00 would sideline bulls and open way for fresh weakness.

Res: 1.6025, 1.6036, 1.6050, 1.6061

Sup: 1.5980, 1.5965, 1.5950, 1.5900


Remains under pressure, as reversal off today’s high at 83.30, just ahead of strong barrier at 83.38, where gains stalled. Loss of 83.00 handle and 55 day EMA at 82.75, triggered fresh extension lower, with 82.00 zone coming under pressure, as hourly studies are breaking below the midlines that may risk retest of key near-term support and breakpoint at 81.95/85, loss of which to spark further retracement of two-month rally of 76.00/84.17.

Res: 82.50, 83.00, 83.30, 83.38

Sup: 82.00, 81.96, 81.85, 81.50


Bounce off today’s low at 0.9000 is seen corrective, as overall picture remain negative. However, some improvement is seen on hourly chart, with clearance of the first barriers at 0.9090/0.9100 needed to ease immediate bear-pressure and allow for further correction, otherwise, risk is seen of lower top, before bears take control. Break below 0.9000 to expose key short-term support at 0.8930, end of Feb double-bottom.

Res: 0.9091, 0.9100, 0.9135, 0.9177

Sup: 0.9043, 0.9025, 0.9015, 0.9000

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