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16.02.2012, 18:36
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Hi Everyone I want to introduce my new PAMM with Instaforex. A mix of automated and manual strategies. Using multiple currency pairs and hedging closing when baskets reach profit. We combine this strategy with a Fibonacci progression limited martingale on selected pairs when opportunity presents itself. Expect occasional floating draw down before multi-pair baskets are closed and occasionally when martingale sequences use higher lots. Account is super leveraged at 1:1000 allowing us to use these strategies without problem.

We are aiming for between 10-100% per month with a maximum draw down of 20%. The investors capital is more important to us than fast growth - we avoid taking high risks and use appropriate lot sizes for the account. We have implemented a hard equity stop on the account to protect capital.

All the trades and the history are open, we have nothing to hide - everyone is welcome !

minimum investment is 1USD
minimum time is 10 days
profit sharing 15%



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