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16.05.2013, 09:40
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По умолчанию Пишу диплом по торговле - опросник

День добрый!

Пишу диплом по торговле, как и любой студент, оставила всё на последнюю пору недель(

Нужны несколько человек для опросника. Если у кого есть желание - напишите тут или в приват.

Безграничная благодарность всем откликнувшимся!!!
19.05.2013, 11:24
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Dear Sir/Madame!

I’m doing the research thesis on the topic of Trading for the MBA in Finance in University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

I would appreciate if you could spend some time answering the on-line questionnaire. Don’t worry, it’s fully anonymously and your details won’t be used anywhere so don’t be afraid of spam and annoying sales managers of brokers.

This survey will help to promote the understanding of trading techniques between professional traders and beginning traders and their trading behavior.

Your participation in this survey is highly appreciated because it will help the researcher in gathering and analyzing the results in a considerable short period of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact the researcher if you need further details on the outcomes.

Thank you in advance!

Questions for survey:

1. Name (optional) - (to write)
2. Age (less than 18, 18-24, 25-29, 30+)
3. Gender (M, F)
4. Country (to write)
5. Education (primary school, secondary school, college, undergraduate, postgraduate)
6. Occupation/profession (to write)
7. Employment (full time, part time, self employed, freelance, undemployed)

8. How long in a financial markets? (less than 1 year, 2-4, 5 and more)

9. How long trading on foreign exchange markets? (less than 1 year, 2-4, 5 and more)

10. What instruments do you often trade? (spot currencies, currency futures, precious metals, CFDs, energies, all above plus others)

11. Which forex pairs are you mainly trading? (Classic/major pairs, Exotic pairs, Indifferent)

12. How many brokers do you hold active trading accounts with? (1, tried many but chose 1, at 2-4, more than 5 constantly)

13. What is the minimum account size have you opened? (up to 10 USD, up to 100 USD, 100-1000 USD, 1000-10000, 10,000 to 100,000 more than 100,000)

14. What was the maximum deposit have you made? (up to 10 USD, up to 100 USD, 100-1000 USD, 1000-10000, 10,000 to 100,000 more than 100,000)

15. Do you withdraw all your profits or use profits to enlarge your trading capital? (No, Yes, sometimes, Yes, rare, Yes, often)

16. What is the purpose of your trading? (Speculation, Hedging risk, Day Trading)

17. What analysis do you use? (Technical, Fundamental, Both, No analysis)

18. Do you have developed your own trading strategy? (Yes, No, I don’t follow any strategy, I follow some other traders strategy)

19. If yes could you please describe major principles? (write down)

20. Do you use your intuition? (Yes, No)

21. Can you overcome stress and can you control trading psychology? (write down)

22. What are the major tools that you use for trading? (Indicators, EAs, Other Robots, All above, None of above)

23. What is % of average monthly profits do you earn? (less than 10%, 10-25%, 25%-50%, 50%-100%, more than 100%)

24. Can you please describe yourself? (Professional, Successful trader, average trader, beginner, newbie trader)

25. Have you faced situations when you have liquidated account? (Yes, No)

26. What is the maximum % of amount of the total equity you use in trading? (up to 10%, 10-25%, 25-50%, more than 50%)

27. What is your favorite leverage are you trading with? (1:10 and less, up to 1:100, 1:100-1:400, 1:500,)

28. Do you manage risks? (Yes, No)

29. Are you scalping? (Yes, No)

30. Do you use hedging? (Yes, No)

31. Brokers from which jurisdictions do you prefer? (Regulated (US, EU, Australia, NZ), Regulated (other jurisdictions), Unregulated)

32. Do you generally understand that forex market is highly risky? (Yes, No)

33. Do you use PAMM system? (Yes, No, Managing own PAMM account)

34. Do you use any of social trading tools? (Yes, No)

35. Do you agree with the common accusation that the forex market resembles gambling more than financial trading? (Yes, No)

36. Do you think that brokers utilize fraudulent activities to increase their profits from market making? (Yes, No)

37. Which brokerage scheme suites your style of trading best? STP, ECN, market maker

38. Do you educate yourself in a financial world? (write down)

39. What are the main sources of trading education do you use? (Internet, Financial channels such Bloomberg, Special magazines (Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street journal), Forums, Blogs, courses, books)

40. Do you use automated, semi manual or manual trading?

41. How does automated trading impact your performance?

42. What is the biggest challenge you face with your trading activities?

And one question for the analysis lovers:
Options (please choose only 1):
a) Indicators are major helpful tool in trading
b) EAs are helpful
c) Robots are helpful in short-term
d) Robots fail in long-term

Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree

Is there anything would you like to add?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can return fulled survey at my private message or to my e-mail gizel-z(собачка)mail.ru

Best regards
30.05.2013, 12:19
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А я тоже хотела писать диплом про трейдинг, но чего то передумала, сток инфы мне руководитель сказала нарыть,а где ее брать то не знаю. По трейдингу мало книг, которые бы в дипломе сгодились, все про торговлю,а мне надо было воду лить на 90 страниц
31.05.2013, 11:57
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И где это вы учитесь ? У нас ток тем, кто на магистра учился что-то преподавали по образованию цен этих и т.д., но я на магистра не учился. Всё сам по себе изучал, что хотел.

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