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По умолчанию Genius Binary Options indicator

__*** Genius Binary Options ***__
(No delay & not repaint)

The Genius Binary Options is designed specifically for binary options traders, it predict the next candle if its Bull / Bear candle.
Binary Indicator for MetaTrader 4

WHY THE Genius Binary Options IS IDEAL TO YOU?
* Every day - At any time of the day and night
* Works perfectly on real accounts in real conditions
* Suitable for beginners and traders of high level
* Works on any device.
* Suitable for Binary options.
* Works with all brokers.

* The indicator works on metatrader 4
* The indicator does not repaint.
* The indicator does not recalculate.
* The indicator can works on any pairs & all time frames from M5 and higher , but its optimized for EURUSD pair in M5 time frame.
* It gives signals immediately when the candle is close.


Indicator parameters:-

*Extreme- enable/disable if you want to get more signals than normal.
* AlertOn - enable/disable Push Notifications when the dots appear. (It will show which pair, entering price for trade when the dot appear, Type of trade Buy/Sell).
* PushNotification- enable/disable push notifications when the dots appear so you can get the signals to your mobile.
* MailOn - enable/disable Email notifications when the dots appear.
* SoundOn - enable/disable Sound notifications when the dots appear.

Get your copy now

If you have any request / question / interest about my indicator email me.

interested contact me:

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