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По умолчанию ищем трейдера/фин. аналитика

Responsibilities :

-Assist in generating and presenting ideas; study the marketplace for tactical opportunities with investment strategies.

-Prepare regular and ad hoc market reports, reviews, commentaries and other reports; Gather and disseminate market and sector information and analyzing investment strategies.

-Investigation of economic data, prediction of market movements and employment of technical analysis.

-Providing support and market information such as price information & market views; seeking to maximize assets or minimize financial risk.

-Understand various risks and be willing to make and support decisions accordingly; Monitoring risk limits and all processes of execution and trading flow.

-Assume responsibility for any associated internal record keeping requirements.

-Assist with various administrative responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

-An appropriate experience with financial market data, OPTION TRADING, analyzing and implementing trading strategies, specifically for Bonds, Options, Futures & Commodities.

-Highly inquisitive and an avid reader of market trends, newsletters, and other investment data sources.

-Wide knowledge of financial products and markets

-Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment with changing priorities.

-Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects with attention to detail and accuracy.

-Analytical and independent thinking possession.

-Excellent understanding and practical experience of complex Information.

-Excellent written and oral communication skills.

-English and/or Russian languages are obligatory.

Please, send us your resumes to the risottoalapene@inbox.lv with the note "Analyst" in the e-mail subject.
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