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По умолчанию Forex4free - make up till 3.500usd per month

[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] Hi all,

I cam across this in one of the forums, and i registered. Aparently, not a scam as no money is beeing requested. I copy and paste here the link, with my referral, as a referral is needed. They just ask the ppl to get a liberty reserve acct.
I did open one just for the case, so they can not take anything out of nothing. Also created a specific email for it.
And, why not, it may work.

I can't understand why somebody will gift me money, can you explain it to me?

i found this on their forum:

The first thing is that the investor earns more money if he split the money to a lot of persons. Instead of earning the full amount of the winnings and just the possiblity of investing a small amount of money, its better to invest a lot more money and earn just 25% comissions of the winnings.

The reasons why the investor needs you and why he will have problems if he will invest it all by himself:

Brokers are playing games. They normally don?? T want you to win on the forex market. If you win to much they will find a way to steal you the money.

90% of all traders are loosing all their money, so the brokers are allways speculating on that 90%, they dont put your orders in the market and if you loose, they keep all your money for them, instead of only the spread.

If you are winning and the Broker is not routing the money thru the market, the broker will loose and he will stop you to make money somehow.

This was a big problem for many people who invested bigger amounts in the market.

The only solution is to split the money to many many clients and get a commission of 25% of the winnings.

Rather get 25% of the winnings with 20 millions invest instead of having just a few millions and get 100% of winnings, thats a simple formular.

But, any opinions?

[Url = http://forex4free.org/?ref=favoured111] FOREX without taking risk worldwide FXCM AVAFX TRADING ALPARI FXDD FX LIBERTY RESERVE [/ url]

Copy and paste the link

It will give you $ 200 to each free signup.

After signup it will take roughly 24 hours before you see the money in your account. After you get credit invest it in the forex4free program and let it grow. More is explained on the website.

You will see the English version when you click on the flag on the top right.

Signup now, as only 30,000 member will be accepted.

[COLOR = # 000000] [FONT = monospace] www.forex4free.org/?ref=favoured111 [/ FONT] [/ COLOR]

You will need a Liberty Reserve account and that is free as well Get it [url = http://www.libertyreserve.com] Liberty Reserve - largest payment processor and money transfer system. Liberty Reserve serves millions since 2002. [/ Url]

[B] STEP SLPS DPT $ 200 [/ B]

- Click 'Make Deposit' in your Menu to your left
- Click FreeForex so you have a little black round spot in the little circle
- Scroll down a bit to see that your Account Balance has that $ 200 Bonus as that is where they put it.
- Amount to Spend must be 200.00
- Click 'Spend funds from the Account Balance LibertyReserve'
- Review it for accuracy
- Click Spend
- Confirm comes up.
- Do that and then click Confirm
Now you should have your spend. To be certain, click your 'Your Deposits' and 'Deposit History' and you will see that you Spent the $ 200, if you did it correctly. [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] I suggest we give it a try since it invoves no money from us. [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] Thanks [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]
[COLOR = # 000000] [COLOR = # 333333] [FONT = Verdana] Favoured111 [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [/ COLOR]

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