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Q: Will my account have exactly the same results as you post on your website or other?
A: Individual results may vary. The results in your account should be very close, if not identical to what we post here. The main reason is the the datafeed is different on different brokers even same brokers! My systems are all base technique, so different datafeed will result in different results. But usually the performance different is not big. The second reason is the execution quanlity is different for different brokers especially then the trades size is big. There is also some other factors can also result in the different performance. If your results are not identical, they may sometimes be a little better or worse, but in the long run will be extremely close to those in other accounts. Do be aware that the first month you join a program, your results will not be the same, since your account did not fully participate in trading for the whole month. With some programs, it may take up to several months for your account to be fully integrated in all the trades the program is taking. We strongly encourage an evaluation period of at least 3 months to guage the performance in your account.

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