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Технический анализ Univors ПАММ Инвестиционная

Univors PAMM Investment is pure business investment that with all the resources and effort and support of all investors, we will provide profit sharing with the relevant target monthly from your investment with very low risk, even if you do not sponsor a member, and you certainly will get a commission if successful sponsoring your colleagues to join in our investment business.

Univors PAMM Investment will give you financial freedom and time, without you too much hard work because there is already a proven semi automated system .

But when we give commission sponsors are as a token of appreciation or our appreciation to the Partners who are willing to work and succeeded in sponsoring, doing recruitment member, recommends that other investors to join us.

Univors PAMM Investment formed only for the benefit of investors, not to develop a personal account. With the initial deposit of $ 33.54 we will prove that in investing does not have to require substantial capital.

Gain joined Univors PAMM Investment:
1. Minimum deposit investment $ 25 deposit
2. Investment contract with a very simple system for 15 days.
3. Commission trader very low at 30% from
4. All that you take an opportunity to become investors. Investors are allowed to join more than one ID.
5. The existence of Partners for member commission to recommend someone to join with Univors PAMM Investment.
6. Managing fund investors with extra caution, especially in the forex, we use Instaforex Brokers which guarantees security of funds trader, forex trading with the analysis: Risk Management and Money Management that are accurate, well equipped expert advisor indicator that has been tested.
7. Using good trading system Trading Manual and Automatic Trading we have proven quality.
8. Profit organization that competes with other investments.

If you are interested please contact us E-mail univors [at] unix-advisor. Us

* Note

"Investment contract period is 15 days, then for any reason if investors withdraw investment funds before the expiry of the contract, then the investor will only receive penalty of 10% (loss) of total investment. "

Join _http: / / instaforex.com / ru / pamm_monitoring.php? user = 225451

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