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По умолчанию gold technical analysis and xau usd trading signals sell

gold technical analysis and xau usd trading signals sell
Published: Wednesday, 13 December 2017 17:47
The price of the ounce of gold fell at the beginning of this week,
confirming the breach of the gold price of the rising trend line
Which we mentioned in the previous gold technical analysis and forecasts of
gold analysis today indicate the chances of continued decline of gold
Where the symmetrical triangle pattern on the gold chart has appeared on
the daily Frame and on the four hour frame Which is a corrective wave in the bearish trend
from the level of 1356 and is expected to reach the second wave of this decline near the level of 1210
On the hourly frame we find that the price of gold rose today and formed the pattern of
the zigzag correction, which ends near the previous resistance level 1248
Which represents an opportunity to sell gold
Gold Trading Strategy Today, Gold Technical Analysis Summary and Gold trading Recommendation
It is preferable to sell gold on the international market as long as gold is under the influence of the bearish trend and did not exceed 1255

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