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Обновление ... Вот XARDCHART-2016!

Обновление ... Вот XARDCHART-2016!


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А как им пользоваться есть инструкция? или в скайпе можешь рассказать? )

Инструкции нет. Romon уже отвечал на подобный вопрос. http://forexsystemsru.com/ruchnye-torgovye-strategii-i-sistemy/70736-sbornik-sistem-xard777-2.html#post896411
Одно могу сказать: запаздывает сильно сигнал(стрелочка)


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xard777 2017.01.22 #3800
LAST Post in TSD :-(
Последнее сообщение в ТСД :-(

As TSD is closing down I have decided to make my last post one of encouragement and help with your Forex trading by showing you a simple means to trade each day.

Here is a simple way to look for a Daily target of 155 Pip$ in Forex.

155 Pip$ may sound like a lot but lets break it down into more manageable trading steps...

You could split your trading day into two sessions (US & ASIA) or (ASIA & LONDON) or (LONDON & US) or just one session of your choosing.

If it is TWO sessions then you are looking to achieve a goal of 78 Pip$ per session and if you break that down again it could be two trades of the same PAIR for 39 Pips move or two separate PAIRS of 39 Pip$ or two trades of the same PAIR for 20 Pip$ move and one trade with another PAIR for 38 Pip$ (you get the idea).

How hard is that, and if you happen to have a runaway market (which tends to happen a lot when trading with the Trend) then you stay in the trade till your daily target is met or you think the move has run out of steam.

The leaderboard (LB indy included) always shows the top movers for the day but during the course of the day (different sessions) the pairs can be shuffled about quite a bit. That said, I always find following the top movers with the biggest Daily avg to be worth watching... just look at the 28 pairs and select the top 8 with the highest DAVG (showing in the info Box top right of my setup)... I.E. it could be...









An example of the above list would make it easy to hit your daily target.

The idea of this daily target is to get you into a daily routine.

You watch what is moving and you go with the PAIRS that conform to the setup... I.E. Blue candle UP trades and Gold candle DOWN trades... stay away from Black candle trades as you are going against the Trend. We already know that the trades with the Trend move the biggest (simply glance 3 months of 1hr charts) and that is where we will meet our daily targets.

I find ASIA & LONDON to be good as GBPAUD & GBPJPY tend move during those sessions but as you know there is a lot of movement during the US session too (GOLD tends to move during the US session).

The SETUP is simple... You have the 200 SMA TREND line and the 21 SMA SIGNAL line on the main 1hr chart - this is the industry standard (no magic mirrors), sometimes the Trend line will not be seen on a small screen, that is why I also have the 200 CCI in the subwindow (as well as the 21 STOCH in the subwindow too).

You always want both CCI & STOCH to match in direction, that way you are going with the Trend. When the STOCH crosses the middle line in the same direction as the CCI then you want to be in on your trade. Most ppl will say that you want the Stoch to cross the 20/80 lines but I find main movement works the most at the middle level cross (you can check this out for yourself).

Trading is done on the 1hr chart, as long as you wait for the cross of the STOCH on the middle line in the same direction as the CCI then the candle should go Blue or Gold right away, now you have your trade and provided that you have picked a PAIR that tends to have a decent daily avg move then you should be able to hit +40 Pip$ or more with ease.

This is not rocket science so there is no reason to treat it as such, take your time watch the markets move with the Trend (Blue & Gold candles), see how the trend moves the most (day in, day out). Stay away from black candles, get used to switching PAIRS with BLUE/GOLD TREND moving candles. Prove to yourself first by watching live for several weeks. See where you would have got in and how many Pip$ would have been made. Checkout continuation moves where the Stoch crosses back over the middle line in the same direction as the CCI.

If price is at the Green area of the Regression indy and the Trend is UP (CCI is Blue) then look to BUY at or close to the Open line making sure the Candle is Blue.

If price is at the Red area of the Regression indy and the Trend is DOWN (CCI is Red) then look to SELL at or close to the Open line making sure the Candle is Gold.

Check the news, make sure you are not in a trade when Red news is due as the market may temp spike against you. Above all, keep it simple, get in, get out and once you have made your target then get out and close it all down for the day and go do something else that does not involve Forex.

You might think that 155 Pip$ each Day is too much, fine - settle for 100 or even 50 Pip$. Just get in the habit of trading the same way day in day out, make it so that you do not have to think about it, you see the signs and you act. You will find that the outcome is the same. You are going with the flow of money for that session. It could be GBPAUD during ASIA, GBPUSD during London and XAUUSD during US.

Watch the xmeter (enclosed) and match up the session movers with your list.

After a while you will see the movement and you will tag along booking the Pip$, just do not be greedy, when you hit your targets STOP! Get OUT! go do something else.

You can change the 200/21 SMA settings to whatever you feel comfortable with via the indicator's menu, then simply save the new settings as a new Template.

There are times when price is at the far end of the REGRESSION line that you could trade the Black candles when the STOCH crosses the middle line against the CCI and you could make good profit. But for now we are simply looking to get used to switching PAIRS that match our trading criteria which is trading with the Trend. When one PAIR is no longer trading with the Trend (Black Candles) then switch to another PAIR that is (Blue/Gold candles).

The xmeter and LB indy are included in the zip file but not included in the Template, simply add them to your chart and move them to where you want and save as new template. I run these indys in another screen and that is why they are not inc in the Template file.

Forex trading should be fun, get in, get out and enjoy life.

All the best


PS Thank you TSD for all the years of much gleamed information, for all those that have came and gone and left their mark. Thank you to mladen and all the numerous coders out there who gave up their time to enlighten us when we needed it most at the start of our Forex careers when we blew up account after account. Your unselfish parted wisdom and coding will be with us for years to come.

www.forex-tsd.com has always been the best in forex forums and second to none.


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Изо всех систем Харда - эта заслуживает самой большой оценки и наибольшего интереса. На ней Хард попращался на сайте, а с чего бы это?
Кто сможет разобраться с ней получит хороший шанс к реальному профиту,
Жаль нет файлов в mg4.