Swap Master - Market Neutral Arbitrage Trading


I would like to introduce a new trading concept and software we have been working on for the last two years. As the name indicates, it is a swap trading system.

The idea of taking advantage of positive swap rates is of course not new. What is new is that Swap Master is taking advantage of positive swap rates while keeping all trading positions hedged against each other. This means that it does not matter if the price goes up or down. All that matters is that there is a reasonable difference in swap rates.

The Concept behind Swap Master

There exist significant differences between interest rates and large differences in swap rates between forex brokers. The Swap Master software connects broker accounts with high swap rates and low swap rates to one central unit and then trades them against each other.

What makes the concept and the software unique is the fact that all trading positions are boxed. And with boxed, I mean that they are fully hedged. Always!
This cuts the risk connected with directional trading to ZERO. (1)

The Software

To take advantage of different swap rates, the software connects two or more trading accounts to one central control unit. The control unit manages all trades and monitors all connected trading accounts. Secondary units are used to exchange data with the central unit and to collect data for portfolio research.

While the software is technically very advanced, it is not difficult to use. Both units (Master and Slave) come with graphical user interface, one click buttons for all important functions, detailed documentation and we provide of course full support.

Profit Potential

Between 4 and 12 percent p. month. While daily gains do not depend on market conditions, they do depend on the complexity of the portfolio, the swap rates, the research quality and of course the position size. Because of its consistency, gains add up very quickly. Especially when you reinvest them on a quarterly or monthly base.

Strength and Weaknesses

All trades are permanently hedged. There is no directional trading risk.

+ Projected returns are very reliable because brokers change their swap rates rarely.

+ Once a portfolio is setup, everything is done by the software.

+ We developed a vast amount of security functions to ensure all trades are always under full control of the software.

+ Market volatility is declining. This translates to very few rebalancing cycles per year. (1-2 for simple portfolios)

- It is not a system for magic bean believers and needs to be used as intended, If overpowered on underfunded accounts or used for not hedged portfolios it will not end well for the user.

- Sadly, it is not suitable for US traders because the number of brokers that accept US clients is very limited.

All qualified questions are welcome.

(1) No Directional Trading Risk does not mean that there is no risk at all and you should bet the farm. The possibility that your broker goes bankrupt and as result you lose a part of your portfolio deposit still exist. However, in comparison with ‘classical’ trading systems, the risk is very little.
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You also can ask any questions related to the system here.
I will ask our Russian-speaking colleague to answer them using both languages.


how to select brokers? currently i have an account of 5k usd on pepperstone razor
With the purchase you will receive the detailed user guide where the example and step-by-step setup of the first portfolio can be found. Suitable brokers, currency pair and position size is described there.
Also, you can use your current broker, but in order to achieve the promoted results you better use the recommended ones.
5 thousand dollars it good amount to turn into solid gains!