Turbo Master EA working for a long time



I offer you expert Turbo Master EA for safe profits , Monthly steady income and the ability to continue trading for a long time .

Turbo Master EA

This EA is designed to overcome all market crises, Strong news, Fast and slow Trends,
limousine candles which destroy any accounts , sharp fluctuations and wild rang market .

This EA is unstoppable, running all the time , No matter what happen in the market and safe performance for real accounts .......

Does not require any manual intervention from you, Because it is able to handle all that happens in the movements , fluctuations and change of prices .

So the Safety element is available when the EA running on your account significantly.
The EA gives you a monthly income of between 10% to 20% maximum, depending on the follow-up to the terms of operation, which will be explained to you.
The EA works on all brokers , All kinds of accounts , Pairs and detect automatically with
upper/lower case such as EURUSDfx, EURUSDm. EURUSDmicro, EURUSDd etc...

The following conditions must be followed:
Terms of running this EA on 2 correlated pairs only GBPJPY & GBPCAD M15.

1 - Strong VPS , Strong connection to the Internet and must keep it running on your mt4
24/5 without stop .

2 - Minimum balance $10,000 , leverage minimum 200 , Lot size = 0.01 ,
The value of 1 pip with this lot must = 10 cent. This is for standard accounts.

3 - Minimum balance $1000 , leverage minimum 200 , Lot size = 0.10 or 0.01 according to the broker cent accounts type , The value of 1 pip with this lot must = 1 cent. This is for cent accounts , This is very important.

4. Spread has to be normal not wild spread.

5 - EURUSD & USDCHF as a correlated pairs absolutely forbidden to work with them
We only work with GBPJPY & GBPCAD M15.

6 - If you are working on VPS Make sure to copy the terminal.exe file of mt4 or the mt4 shortcut into the startup folder of the VPS , Because of server updates shutdown all platforms and when it finish platform will stat automatically , This is very important.

7 - Requirements to be available in the broker: The spread is appropriate, Trades must be without any commission , fast execution, the maximum number of transactions to be open minimum 200 .
8 - Please try to give a quick look on your mt4 which is running on VPS before you go to work , Just to make sure everything is in his place .

These was the most important conditions to run this EA , which are easy and not complicated.
In the performance tests on my real account, the first copy of the EA was primitive , The 2 pairs was GBPJPY & GBPAUD M15 was not good together, Balance 3200$ too small ,
But The EA succeeded made 85% , The original DD is 35% the main DD is over 70% due to small balance , poor version of the EA , and the most important that withdrawal in the history of the account read it as minus so it maximized the total DD , I do not know why withdrawal read as DD and I do not like that but this was the reason cussed this big DD .

Turbo Master EA overcome the UK Referendum Crisis in June 2016 , It was the first auditions on demo for this EA , And The EA overcome in my real account on the US Election crisis on 08/11/2016 and overcome also December 2016 which is one of the most dangerous months of the year, And continued on my real account of performance for 6 months was achieved 85% of the balance $ 3200 , Then I withdraw All balance + profits for my need.
Account now not working , It is suspended but you can view performance from account history data:


Username: 1103031
Investor Password: FF11RRDDJH
Server: ThinkForexAU-Live


Now Turbo Master EA has been updated , modified since then , The terms of balance are changed , The second pair is changed to work on GBPJPY & GBPCAD M15 only and the entry points have been improved to be in strong positions and fowled trend most time.

This is a demo account with $10000 leverage 1: 400, With the latest version , latest settings and operating conditions previously mentioned, started on 15/08/2017.

Login: 44086539
Investor: q6jpixa
Server: ThinkForexAU-Demo
Balance 10000$

Turbo Master EA Price 500$
Each 1 version is activated with 1 account number .
Time limit for ever .


Accounts Management Service :

There is a possibility to manage accounts and achieve monthly profits ranging from 10% to 20% running at safe risk .
And provide an element of continuity in all market fluctuations.
The lowest balance to accept in Accounts Management Service ,
Is 10000$ Standard Account only .

Percentage of Accounts Management Service is 30% of net profits each month ,
This percentage is not negotiable.
In Accounts Management Service :

Accounts from 10000$ to 300000$
Running with Turbo Master EA setting on 2 pairs

Accounts from 300000$ And more
Running with Turbo Master EA but different setting on 8 pairs

This demo account data with a balance of $600,000
Shows the performance of Accounts Management Service .
The account started in from 7 months on 17/03/2017 profit made 120% , DD 17%

Account data:

Login: 44068810
Investor: 7spzaaz
Server: ThinkForexAU-Demo
Balance 600K


Any question please do not hesitate.

Thank you all .....

Contact Details:

E-mail: mr.hamza.fx.manager@gmail.com
E-mail: mr.hamza.fx.manager@yahoo.com
Skype: trend_seeker
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